Looking Back At Anthony Gaines’ ‘None of a Kind’ Viral Moment

“Wrestling has such a bad stigma as it is, you know. ‘It's fake it's choreographed’ whatever people want to say. I think when people see something that looks absolutely real, we aren’t talking about a really well-timed bodyslam… (this was) something that looks like, ‘Oh shit, that guy might not stand up!’ I think that's what got their attention,” he said.

Zach Gowen: Coming Full Circle

Instead of like, sitting back and thinking, "Oh man, Greg’s got that market cornered, Greg has the handicapped market cornered, he’s taking my spotlight" or whatever selfish thought I was thinking at the time, I realized that if we joined forces here this could be something bigger than the both of us and we could actually help out a lot of people and plant seeds of inspiration all over the country and all over the world at every opportunity.

Call In Sick: Sloppy Seconds Are In Town

There's so many songs about feeling guilt or pressure or the weight of the world in that regard, but I thought it was kind of a crazy notion to kind of turn the tables on the situation and throw all the responsibility the other way. I don't know, I'm surprised we haven't caught more flack about that song than we have over the years, everybody seems to like it, oddly enough, girls seem to like it as much as guys.

Rebel Returns: Mickey DeSadist’s Weird World

Just because Artvoice got rid of anything worth keeping on their website, doesn't mean these classic interviews have to die! Here is an interview I did with Mickey DeSadist, frontman for Canadian classic band the Forgotten Rebels prior to a 2014 performance in Buffalo. You can see my extended interview with DeSadist below, where we … Continue reading Rebel Returns: Mickey DeSadist’s Weird World